Amazon Basics 12W One-Port USB-A Wall Charger Review 2023

Are you constantly getting those notifications on your phone that alert you about your battery running low? Look no further. However, the AmazonBasics 12W One Port USB A Wall Charger might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this charger and explain why it’s essential for your iPhone 13/12/11/X, Samsung, or any other smartphone you own.

Features And Details

Here are some:

1. Built-in device detection:

The USB port can provide up to 2.4 amps of electricity (it does not support Quick Charge; devices already equipped with Quick Charge will charge at the standard speed).

2. Internal protection:

Internal safety switch provides the highest possible level of protection, automatic shutoff, and energy savings

3. Fast and Efficient Charging:

The AmazonBasics 12W Wall Charger delivers a robust current of 2.4 Amps, ensuring that your devices charge at lightning-fast speeds.

In addition, this charger keeps you covered in any situation, whether you’re rushing out the door or need a quick power boost over your lunch break.

You can finally put an end to the aggravation caused by delayed charging.

4. Universal Compatibility:

It is one of its most impressive qualities because it works with many different electronics. It’s designed to function faultlessly with various gadgets, from the newest iPhones (13/12/11/X) to Samsung smartphones and beyond.

Additionally, using this charger, you can charge many devices simultaneously without worrying about incompatibilities.

5. Durable and Built to Last:

Make sure your prospective charger can hold up over time. This charger was constructed from durable components to withstand the rigors of frequent charging.

However, you may rest easy knowing that your expenditure will save you money in the long run.

6. Safety Concerned:

The AmazonBasics 12W Wall Charger places a premium on the security of your electronic device.

In addition, the device’s superior safety features automatically prevent overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating.

Because of the shielding, you may charge your devices without worrying about damage.

7. Easy to Use:

This charger was designed with the end user in mind, so it is simple. You won’t have to fiddle with different cords and adapters like other items because it simply has one connector.

However, connect it to a wall outlet and your device with a USB-A cable. Simply put, it’s that simple.

8. Price and Value:

The low price of AmazonBasics products, including this charger, is one of the brand’s most alluring selling points, and this is not an exception.

In addition, it is an affordable and dependable charging solution that won’t bust your budget.

Furthermore, those individuals who require an additional charger for their business, travel, or as a backup should consider purchasing this product as it is a fantastic option.

Product Specifications:

Connect TechnologyUSB
Compatible DevicesTablets
  • Fast charging
  • Durability
  • Universal compatibility
  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Single port
  • Not included cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is this charger compatible with my iPhone 13?

A: Yes, the AmazonBasics 12W Wall Charger is compatible with the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 12, 11, and X.

Q2: Can I use this charger to charge my tablet?

A: It can charge most tablets, albeit larger tablets with higher power requirements may not receive the fastest charging speeds.

Q3: Does this charger come with a cable?

A:No, the charger does not include a cord. Use your existing USB-A to Lightning or USB-A to USB-C cable.


A reliable charger is crucial in this tech-driven world, where smartphones and other electronics are practically always on. Give the AmazonBasics 12W One Port USB A Wall Charger careful thought.

In addition, it will take your electronics slowly. It also has several safety measures, is interoperable worldwide, and is compact.

Stop worrying about the battery. Using this charger makes charging easy and fast.

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