Don’t Let The Boredom Call Upon You – Have This Best-In-Class Ibuypower Gaming PC

If you’re tired of your laptop’s slow performance and lagging, especially while playing games, you know precisely how gamers feel. Have you considered investing in the IBuyPower gaming PC? Gaming PCs can be a hassle to carry and set up. But the iBuypower gaming PC sets you at ease. 

What Makes Gaming PC Ibuypower Stand Distinguished?

 Y40WI7N46T01 from iBuyPower is a fantastic PC that has been diligently configured for any task, whether games, creating digital content, or casually browsing. After working closely with renowned brands like Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, and Western Digital, to name a few, the brand has come up with models that offer the highest level of performance at the best prices. 

Let us elaborate on the distinguishing features of the iBuypower gaming PC

  • Processor 

This PC has a 13700KF CPU combined with the RTX 4060TI for quick processing. The arrangement has been duly tested to fulfil the system requirements for the latest games and productivity programs.

The GeForce RTX 4060TI enables users to play the latest games without a lag, thanks to the power of Ampere–NVIDIA’s 3rd generation RTX architecture. The ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture lets you experience fast ray tracing, AI-accelerated performance with DLSS 3, and more so that you stay unstoppable while working and playing.

  • Massively Strong CPU

Intel i7-13700KF 3.4 GHz (5.4 GHz) CPU delivers what it promises – the ultimate performance. Having 8 Performance Cores, 8 Efficient Cores, and 24 processing threads, playing the latest games, creating your NFTs, or scientific data mining, all are well handled with any lag.

  • Stay unstoppable

The iBuyPower gaming PC- tracemr258i model has the CPU, gaming mouse, keyboard, and power cord. 

Whether you are handling multiple spreadsheets on various browsers, looking for HD video rendering, are an art and animation enthusiast, or want to play AAA video games at a high resolution and excellent frame rates, this PC will always fulfil your expectations.


The iBuyPower Pro gaming PC is ideal for those prioritizing gaming prowess. It has ample storage space to store your favorite games and essential files in its 2 TB NVMe solid-state drive. 

Best-in-class cooling system

240mm liquid cooling system keeps the iBuypower gaming PC performing smoothly and quietly

Preloaded windows 

This PC comes preloaded with the Windows 11 Home Advanced version, which has all the power and security of Windows 10 but with a redesigned and refreshed look.

Being a gamer is tough already; why don’t you leave all the unnecessary stress behind you and enjoy the game? Just check a few more iBuyPower gaming PC reviews before you finalize your purchase.  


  1. Why choose gaming PCs over the rest?

Ans- Gaming PCs are regular PCs with more robust hardware, like specialized GPUs and CPUs. Also, they sometimes contain more RAM (memory) as well. This hardware enables it to handle very demanding video games and work tasks.

  • Why choose an IBuyPower gaming PC over other brands?

Ans- These systems deliver commendable performance at an accessible price point, making them ideal for those prioritizing gaming prowess and budget efficiency. The computers feature a lower RAM capacity of around 8 GB but still provide adequate memory to facilitate smooth multitasking and responsive gameplay. 

  • Do PC gamers have an advantage?

Ans- Gaming PCs offer several advantages over gaming consoles, making them popular for serious gamers. Gaming PCs provide advanced hardware, customization options, versatility, and often better multiplayer options and support for competitive gaming.

  • Can I expand the storage of the iBuyPower Pro gaming PC?

Ans – Yes, the PC comes with an expandable storage feature. Go for additional storage via the open M.2 or SATA ports. 

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