Go For Wireless gaming mouse in 2023 РBe Wirefree 

The wireless gaming mouse is a significant achievement in computer accessories as it considerably reduces click latency. Moreover, for many top brands, wireless gaming mouse has enhanced battery life and improved connectivity. However, gaming freaks hardly recommend wireless gaming mouse owing to their Bluetooth limitations.

However, if you require a mouse for long-term work, wireless gaming mice are a great choice, available in different shapes, click latency, weight, and sensor performance.

Underneath is the list attached for the recommendations of the best wireless gaming mouse options, which have been tested on parameters like weight, general gaming, MMO, and more

  • Razer Viper V2 Pro

This is an ultra-lightweight, wireless gaming mouse from the famous brand. Its symmetrical shape gives it a fantastic design look. The build quality is excellent. However, it may feel bulky. Also, there is no storage compartment for the wireless receiver on the mouse.

This wireless mouse is designed for professionals. The Razer hypercooling wireless dongle is highly responsive for this ultimate upgraded mouse. Also, you get a 4000 Hz wireless polling rate, which means the speed needed in competitive gaming.

  • Logitech G 502 Lightspeed

This gaming wireless mouse lives up to its name of light speed as it meets the pro-grade, built, and designed that supports ultra-fast and reliable connectivity. It uses a hero, 25K sensor with sub-micron tracking, which can be charged continuously at rest and play. It is compatible with Windows 8 version or higher, macOS x 10.11 or later.

Moreover, this mouse weight has been strategically designed for optimal tracking and targeting.

  • Fantech Aria XD7

This lightweight (only 59-gram) wireless gaming mouse has been designed for comfortable use in the honeycomb cutout design. However, its solid plastic Alternative is slightly heavier. It comes with a newly released pixArt 3395 gaming sensor, which makes it excellent for click latency and speed.

Its unique design and shock that the wrist fatigue is reduced to the minimum, and your claw and fingertips are perfectly relaxed for long giving sessions. It has a BCC gold scroll wheel encoder, ensuring maximum performance and tactility in your favorite games. The most distinguishing feature of this mouse is dry mode, connectivity which most of the high-end gaming mouse does not provide. With this mouse, you may connect with wired, 2.4 GHz wireless, or even Bluetooth wireless. 

  • Logitech G305 light speed

The gaming mouse is designed for dire performance during gaming as it is laced with the latest, innovative technology and has an impressive 250-hour battery life. It comes in a color option, which means you have a wide range of selections. The hero sensor in this mouse is designed to deliver fantastic performance, accuracy, and consistency with zero smoothing, filtering, or exhilaration from 200 to 12,000 DPI. The brands in Genia have worked hard to bring its technology to the table.

  • Razer, basilisk V3 X hyperspeed

This is one of the best wireless gaming mouse with 9 programmable controls, dual-mode wireless connectivity, and customizable Razer Chrome RGB. It is a choice of gamers because the shape is perfect to support your different grips while relaxing you are slow and fingertips simultaneously.

 The easy access buttons and multi-function trigger combine the precision increments and macros at your fingertips. It is enabled with Razer Synapse, which helps you align and unlock secondary commands; conveniently, it has a battery life of approximately 1106.5 days.


1. What features should I look for when buying a gaming mouse?

Ans- When buying a gaming wireless mouse, check its sensor time, dpi/CPI range, battery, life, latency, ergonomics, price, and button customization.

2) Is a wireless gaming mouse good for competitive gaming?

And- yes, modern wireless mouse are perfectly designed with low latency technology, such as 2.4 GHz wireless or Bluetooth, to enhance your performance during competitive gaming.

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