Reasons Why To Adorn Nomos Glashuette Unisex Club Automatic Analog Watch

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Nomos Glashuette is a premium, luxury swatch manufacturing brand. The Nomos classic Ludwig is a timepiece from the brand with a stable value for this special limited edition. The watch is perfectly designed for those who appreciate class. It is an outcome of collaboration with Freisfeld and Odeing-erdel jewelers in Münster and Osnabrück so that the brand can produce its special, limited edition of the classic Ludwig watches in various sizes.

The brand’s roots can be traced back to 1845 when the town of Glashutte was first settled by a master watchmaker who wanted to turn his dream hamlet into a thriving watchmaking industry powerhouse. Since its origin, the brand has never compromised on its precision.

Let’s check out the prominent features of Nomos Glashuette Unisex Club Campus neomatik 37mm Automatic Analog Watch 748 so that you can make a guided decision.

  • Silver-tone band

This automatic movement watch has a silver-tone stainless steel band, enhancing its look. The stainless steel band is 20mm wide, giving the watch robustness and elegance.

  • Dial color

The round-shaped dial is galvanized, white silver plated, and sapphire crystal adds to the scratch-resistant feature.

  • Case specifications

The case is made up of solid steel, and its diameter is 37.0 MM. The case thickness is 8.3 MM, and the diameter is 37 MM.

  • Clasp

The watch comes with a deployment clasp made up of steel material. It is a fold-over slip-through clasp that adds to the vintage look of the eye. Also, there is a screw-down crown.

  • Bezel

The watch comes with a fixed bezel made of steel material, which makes the watch water-resistant up to a depth of 200/m or 660 feet.

  • Gender

Nomos Glashuette german watch is a unisex analog watch with automatic movement. The movement/caliber is DUW 3001.

  • Price

This luxurious watch is priced at US$2780, putting it into the club of highly prized watches.

As the price of this watch is sky-high, let’s find out the most convincing arguments that support the price of this brand’s products.

Nomos watches are handcrafted and use in-house mechanical movements, so they are renowned as one of the most highly priced in the league of German watch brands. The competitive price band comes from the brand manual alpha movement running for $1500 in a 36 MM case size.

The price will increase as you delve into higher-end models with automatic movement and more significant complications built into them.

However, the watches are masterpieces and cannot fail to attract eyeballs—the second sub-dial moves around on the stylish rich dial and steel hands.

The designer watches from the brands are well known for their craftsmanship of German artisans, usually from the design school known as Bauhaus. The main feature of this watch is its minimalistic style, as it prioritizes function over form while embracing the latest technology simultaneously. If you have good taste in the brands, admire the beauty of watches, and have a big pocket to invest in, this watch is for you.


You can buy Nomos Glashuette German watch that can be treasured as a family heirloom. It comes with a radiant white enameled dial, which adds to the beauty of this watch. The hands are in the elegant leaf shape, and the red rhombuses in the railroad minute mark the distinguished looks of the watch.


1) Is this watch water-resistant?

Ans – The Nomos Glashuette german watch is water resistant up to 660 feet or 200 m.

2) Is the brand’s watch is so expensive?

Ans- Even the brand’s entry-level watches start from US$5500.

3) Is this watch unisex?

Ans- No, this is a men’s watch.

4) Does the brand office women’s watch also?

Ans- The brand only offers a few women’s watches, and the one they offer starts at the list price of about US$15,500.



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