Wempe Watch Review To Help You Make A Guided Purchase


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The world of technology has progressed so much that everything seems to have changed, yet one thing you will still find decorated inside every room is a clock. There are clocks, and then there are clocks that transcend functionality to become exquisite pieces of artistry. Wempe German watch – CW310014 Globaltec Bremen II Brass Radioroom is an example.

Read this exhaustive Wempe watch review and learn more about its noteworthy features.

  • Dimensions

This Wempe watch has an ideal dimension size. It is of dimensions – 5.91 “W x 2.95 “H and weighs one pound. With its 150mm diameter, this clock exudes a sense of nostalgia era.

  • Red and green areas

The clock has red and green areas, which makes this clock very special. These carry a symbolic significance.

The red sectors on the Wempe CW310014 Globaltec Bremen II Brass Radioroom Clock carry a significant historical meaning. They designated specific time intervals when Morse code telegraphy was a primary means of communication, namely the 16th to 18th minutes and the 46th to 48th minutes of every hour. During these red segments, radio operators would engage in the intricate process of sending and receiving Morse code messages, connecting ships across vast oceans.

Conversely, the green sectors of the clock represent another era in maritime communication history. They indicate the periods when radio telegraphy was used, specifically, the 1st to 3rd minutes and the 31st to 33rd minutes of every hour. These green segments symbolize the transition from the Morse code era to the more modern radio telegraphy era, highlighting the evolution of communication technology over time. Isn’t that cool and makes you want to have this one over your tabletop? This brings us to the next feature – the ideal position.

  • Mounting Top

The ideal place to mount this Wempe watch is on the tabletop, shelf, or mantel. It is not suitable for wall hanging. It has a very aesthetic and modern look and oomphs up the face of the entire room. The clock is a perfect mixture of three colors: brass, white, and black, and is round in shape.

  • Exquisitely designed

The Wempe CW310014 Globaltec Bremen II clock’s frame material is brass. The high-gloss polished brass housing exudes an air of sophistication and durability. It looks perfectly designed with intricate details and a sleek look.

  • Good Quartz movement

It has a quartz watch movement and is battery-powered. The frequency of the clock is as good as 32.768 KHz, ensuring that the time is flawless. This is a crucial feature for any timekeeping instrument.

Whether you are mounting it on a ship or simply in your room, it maintains its timekeeping accuracy without errors.

  • Display 

The display is white with Arabic font numbers, with green and red areas. It is an analog type of clock. Overall, the look of the display is fantastic.


People have always adored German watch brands; Wempe is a testament to that. This clock is not just a timepiece; it’s a piece of art. Get one for yourself today if the above features are compelling enough!



  1. Is there any limit on the operating temperature?

Ans – Yes, the range of operating temperature is +4°C to +50°C.

  1. What is the source of power?

Ans- The clock is battery-powered.

  1. Can it be used for gifting?

Ans- Yes, indeed. It makes an apt gift with its functionality and aesthetically pleasing design.

  1. Is the clock suitable for use on a ship, or is it primarily designed for home decor?

Ans- The clock is ideal for use on a ship and in homes. The accuracy of time telling remains the same irrespective of where you use it.

  1. Are red and green areas on the display for design purposes?

Ans- No, they make the cock a particular instrument. These designate specific time intervals.



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