Tighten Your Grip On Your Game – Have The 2023’s Best Game Controller For PC

The best game controllers for PC are super viable if you don’t feel at home on a mouse and keyboard. Whether you want a pro controller with enough back buttons to make the best keyboard players weep, or you want something comfy and reliable for more relaxed games, the best PC game controllers are a great tool you have in your gaming PC arsenal. 

Here is the list of favourite video game controllers to help you find the right one for your needs.

  • Victrix Pro BFG wireless controller

Are you sick of hearing that controller users can’t compete with the brute power of a mouse and keyboard? Because, with the Victrix Pro BFG in your hands, it may be more complex. This controller is built for outstanding performance, and owing to its unique modular design, you can modify it to your specific tastes with the case’s suite of attachments. 

Among them are a larger analogue stick for precise targeting, several D-pad options, stick gates, and a fight pad module with six face buttons. The modules, like the Thrustmaster E-Swap X Pro, may be rotated to symmetrical the sticks.

Although it has an official PlayStation licence, it also works on PC. In terms of value for money, this is undoubtedly one of the most excellent controllers to reach the market in recent years, particularly given that it is less expensive than its rivals in the PS5 controller area.

2. Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro PC controller

The Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro is currently one of the best PC video game controllers

It’s wired, like the Razer Wolverine series, but this technique results in zero latency in reaction time, which is ideal for gaming sessions when milliseconds count. We also liked avoiding Microsoft’s Wi-Fi connections while connecting the eSwap X Pro to a console.

The abundance of additional buttons, particularly the fantastic feeling triggers and the four on the front, elevates this controller beyond its similarly priced competitors. Because of the modular components, there are numerous customizing choices, and we found it simple to modify the controller as required while switching games. It also implies that you may choose between symmetrical and asymmetrical styles, depending on your preferences. 

If you’ve been looking for a great-feeling modular controller that lets you replace the placements of the D-pad and left analogue stick at whim, as well as allowing customization and other inputs, this is it. The Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro will swiftly and comfortably get you through every genre swiftly and comfortably, making it the most fantastic PC controller available.

  1. GameSir T4 Kaleid 

There are few clear controls nowadays, particularly on the top Nintendo Switch devices. The GameSir T4 Kaleid is a new controller. It works on PC, Android TV, and the Nintendo Switch. 

The offset or uneven sticks are Hall Sensor sticks. You won’t have stick drift with this controller, even though it’s cheaper than other options. The T4 Kaleid has back buttons on the grips. The controller is perfect for my middle finger to wrap around without moving my hands.

Finding a suitable game controller for third-person games can be difficult if you play PC games. You want a brand that is affordable, good quality, and has a long lifespan. The T4 Kaleid device is cheap right now. 


  1. What game controller is best for PC?

Ans – The best PC game controller overall, in our opinion, is the Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro, as it has excellent accessibility options, which go hand in hand with the build quality. If you are looking for a more affordable PC controller option, then the Turtle Beach Recon Controller is likely the best way forward – for $60, it has features which gamepads at twice its price point don’t. However, the Xbox Wireless Controller is the best PC controller to suit most people. It is plug-and-play and can be used both wirelessly or wired. 

2. Is the PS5 controller suitable for PC?

Ans – The DualSense is one of the more robust controller options on the market, thanks to its adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. However, it doesn’t have programmable back buttons or much of the software that separates the professionals from the amateurs in the best PC controller market. With PlayStation starting to release more first-party games on PC, the PS5 controller is probably one of the best ways to experience them. 

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